Petrol Chipper Shredder

Petrol garden shredders are ideal for successful recycling of organic waste. The chipper will break down branches up to 50mm, creating fine mulch that’s perfect for composting, also reducing weeds to mulch so they can’t re-root and as an optional extra the chipper grate which is designed to avoid clogging with damp leaves and foliage. Further information or answers to any specific queries you may have regarding Shredders may be obtained by using our on-line feedback facility and detailing your request. Prompt responses will be given to all queries.


Regardless of its character, a garden always contains soil. The better you treat it, the more generously it will bring you flourishing splendour and sweet fruits. Of course, thorough preparation is necessary for a perfect result – in gardening just like in everything else. You’ll find a cultivator that suits your needs in the Husqvarna range – powerful, versatile cultivators for any type of soil.

Electric Chipper Shredder

Electric Chipper/Shredder information available on request.

Download the android sdk for mac from here, and you could try over here install it